Moksha schrieb eine Email an eine Freundin und sagte: „You can use that for the blog if you want!“
Na klar I want.
So habt ihr ein wenig zu lesen aus Mokshas Sicht auf unsere Zeit:


Elke is with us and will be so until the beginning of March. We got her a bike and now she goes to Wakodahatchee at will. Yesterday, the lot was so full, parked cars were spilling out onto the roadway. Green Cay is closed for the next year, sadly. I wonder what they are doing there …

This season I am heavily focused on my Tablecloth Clothing business. Due to squirrely weather, the crowds have been less than ideal at the farmers markets and I have tried many. Not much in sales. Elke is creating these sweat, little, stand alone table top bag out of the leftover pieces of tablecloth. Sometimes we sew side by side. She resurrected a vintage Singer machine I got from a dead neighbor. (One of the advantages to living here is having access to what Peter lovingly terms ‚the D.M.C.‘ – the Dead Mans Club.) Soon I will venture into creating ties. We shall see if there is an audience for ties made from vintage tablecloths. This Saturday we start a new farmers market. It’s brand new on Las Olas and A1A. One of the parking lots was converted into a park – aka ‚potential sales‘! I couldn’t be doing this without either Elke or Peter’s help. An all day affair is a lot to ask of this body, set up and breakdown, notwithstanding. And sewing new skirts takes up much of my time and more of my mental musing than I care to admit.