The day began with out search for Bauhaus. We had a long drive back home ahead of us. Luckily some abandoned cherry trees were within easy reach of the road. That was fun!

First destination was to the famous porcelain museum Meißen in the town of Meißen. For what we wanted it was lacking: no Americano, no pastry or Eis (german for ice cream) and a tiny gift shop. Not worth the cost of admission, we soldiered on. (see pix of van in empty parking lot – at least we could be a „Schattenparker“).

Second destination was to Dessau-Roßlau. It is thee Bauhaus town in all the world. The museum, however, was thee most boring of our trip. Elke went through the disappointing, almost non-existent exhibits while I took a rest in the car. My lower legs were spent from two days of uphill/downhill and an overabundance of cobblestone sojourns. Every movement was hot pain. I suppose my lack of interest, notwithstanding, was based more on pain than instinct, lol.

There are several houses and residence in the town to sight see. We tried to find them ourselves via driving around. Even following the Bauhaus tour bus was a limited success. We did see the Kornhaus (see pix) and a few others.

We chanced upon a stork close to the road, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. They are quite large up close.

Ahhh, one of the final pieces by the architect Hundertwasser. Located in Magdeburg this resort/hotel/apt complex was a complete surprise. I knew of it’s existence but not that it was in Germany. We were lucky! We stopped in the city because we needed a break in our long drive back to Hannover and wanted something nice to eat. The Japanese restaurant in the hotel had a most excellent Duck sushi roll. (No, we had never heard of it either.)